John W. Belk - Attorney - Houston, Texas

Law Practice of John William Belk & Associates, LLC

John William Belk & Associates is committed to providing its corporate, institutional, and individual clients the highest quality representation with a client-centered approach.  Our diverse background, distinctive experience and breadth of knowledge prepare us to litigate the most challenging legal issues while skillfully negotiating and settling other legal matters to our client's advantage.

Our mission is to provide our clients with prompt, personalized attention while championing their causes.

Areas of Practice

                   Corporate Counsel

                Corporate and Institutional Representation

            Comprehensive legal representation including
            commercial law, mediation, and arbitration.

          Criminal and Civil Counsel

              Criminal and Civil Representation

          Experienced and resourceful representation
          with a responsive and accessible attitude. 

       Investigations and Surveillance

                Private Investigations and Surveillance

           Investigative services for litigation support, trial
    preparation, due diligence, and private investigations.

          Expert Witness Testimony

                Expert Witness Testimony

            Qualified expert testimony for wrongful death
           claims, law enforcement/civil rights violations,
          commercial premise liability and plant security.